About The Elm

We are siblings (Tim Brummel & Brittany Price) and worship leaders from Atlanta, GA.

Elm is an abbreviation we made up which stands for Elohay Mikarov. This is a Hebrew name for God used in Jeremiah 23:23. It means God who is near. We have experienced The God who is near and we want others to experience him as well.

This album started from the overflow of a very difficult season. Brittany unexpectedly lost her husband Patrick in the Fall 0f 2015. This project has been a way for us to process through what God has been showing us. We also hope and pray that it will be an encouragement to others. All of us are broken one way or another and face uncertain situations. We pray these songs will encourage you to trust God even in the hard times.

About Brittany

Most of all I’m a believer in Jesus Christ with the desire to know Him more and make Him known, by sharing His truth with others. I’m a widow to the most amazing godly man Patrick Price, and a mommy to 3 busy boy toddlers that keep me on my toes and my knees. I’m a blogger and write about the journey God has called us to through suffering, and use it as a way to share His faithfulness throughout each step. I’ve enjoyed singing and writing songs since I was a little girl but never felt like it was a gifting, just something I enjoy doing. I’ve been singing in church since a very young age and then do a lot of community events with singing the star spangled banner. My brother Tim and I have lead worship together for years and enjoy proclaiming Jesus together. This project was birthed out of processing grief and who God is despite the circumstances.

Job 29:13 Talks about how God has made the widows heart sing. Because of Christ ALONE He has made my heart sing.

About Tim

Follower of Jesus, husband to Rachel, father of 4 boys (Jackson, Sawyer, Wyatt and one on the way) and a worship leader living in North Atlanta. I always enjoyed music growing up but it was not until after high school that I was given an opportunity to lead worship at a church plant. It was there that God really gave me a passion for leading people to encounter and experience Him through music.

Writing music is something my sister and I have always enjoyed but for the past 5 years we have not been able to. Between all the kids and me being a full time worship pastor in Florida we just did not have the opportunity. After my brother in law passed away in September of 2015 I felt led to begin writing with my sister again. I knew it would be a great way to process through all of the emotions but I also hoped it would be an encouragement for others. Shortly after that I also felt God calling my family to move back to North ATL where I grew up. We moved back in May of 2016 and this gave us the opportunity to focus on making this project a reality.

Apart from leading worship I enjoy hanging out with my wife and boys and serving Jesus!